The time has come when the days grow longer and the sun gets hotter. You know what else gets hotter? Passion between couples. Skirts get shorter and men get hornier! Praise the summer! Give your sexual technique a makeover and give yourself not juts a new haircut but a new way to enjoy sex. The following are 5 spring foreplay tips to allow you to be erotic like a porn star.

1.) Watch an adult film together.
It is such a turn on when you watch a porn flick together. It arouses you both but also releases some inhibitions. Porn stars are experts and they do some sexual positions that you might not have considered. It also allows you to be ultra sexy. Don’t worry about the lady with bigger boobs then yourself because in the back of the man’s head, he is worried about what you think about the male star’s bigger penis. Don’t get self conscious and if you think this may happen, then turn out the lights in the room and let the light of the naked bodies on the TV screen be the only light cast on your intimate setting.

2.) Go for a picnic in the forest.
Pack a big soft blanket, chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne (but only if you’re not driving) and take a hike into the woods to find a private clearing. You can feed the fruit to your lover. Lick champagne off of their belly button. get intimate, roll around in the blanker. Roll up the blanket with yourselves in between. Enjoy foreplay and sex when you are stuck together, oh so intimate! If you are extra kinky, you can have sex standing up wrapped around a tree.. creativity abounds! Please don’t forget the mosquito repellant! There is nothing like an ass full of mosquito bites to be the tell tale sign of where you were yesterday!

3.) Use a finger vibrator.
This article is about foreplay tips, not sex tips and the best foreplay tip is to useĀ finger vibrator. This can enable the woman to have an orgasms even before sex starts. More often then not, this is not possible, or she fakes it. Unless he’s berry good at cunnilingus. The finger vibrator will prevent any faked orgasms, they are all for real. It’s totally self explanatory that you press it against her clitoris, but you can also use it to massage and tickle. Its very fun, try it for yourself!

4.) Get frisky underwater.
It’s so erotic to finger each other under water. You can’t see what’s coming to you, all you can see is the lusty look in your lover’s eyes. It’s so erotic not knowing. I compare foreplay underwater to being blindfolded. There is so much anticipation because you’re whole body is reachable, very inch can be explored blindly so each touch is exciting and anticipated. Also, the licenses of the water if very erotic when the fingers glide over wherever you touch – or are touched!

5.) Go for a roll in the hay.
This might call for a blanket again because the hay is prickly, but if you don;t have a sex blanket, you can still enjoy the erotic encounter in a barn. It’s so sexy because it’s very old fashioned way to make love – or make foreplay. You can really live up to the saying a roll in the hay! The smell of the barn, the dirt it’s so earthy. It’s dirty and bad and you can really enjoy the naughty side of sex. You get back to each and get in touch with nature. At home you may worry about being dirty or doing something gross, but in the barn, all bets are off and you can experiment some bad things because your surroundings reflect the mood. It’s a great experience.

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