Pink is a girlie color. It represents youngness, sex, cuteness, and innocence. It’s the color that parents paint their daughter’s rooms. It carries over through life and grows and the girl grows but it keeps a youthful attribute. Pink is the color of sex toys. A pink vibrator looks nicer then any other color, it looks less dirty and raunchy.

A pink corset is the perfect blend of naughty and nice. Pink is the color of pussy lips, men see this as feminine and inviting. Fresh and ready to go. I think baboons have pink and red bottoms and when they are ready to mate, the color gets brighter. Don’t take my work for that but I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes in the animal kingdom.

When a lady dons pink attire, she feels more coy and cute, This allows her to act the part. Think of it ladies, don’t you feel cuter and more girlie in pink? When you are cute and girly, you can get your way. Men are much more likely to sway to your demands when you are cute and pink then when you are blue.

Blue is not sexy, it’s a boy color. It means that you are more rough and tumble many men do like this but in the deep biological sense, girls are supposed to be delicate. Men are rough, not he women, When you wear pink, you have power and control.

Think of it this way. Wear a blur shirt and act really cute and beg for an ice cream. He will probably agree if you are cute but if you’re in something pink and pretty, he’ll not only agree, but do it with an eager smile, he wants to make you happy. Probably thinking about what you will do to make him happy later, but ladies, that’s why it’s so great to be a lady!

It’s a great way to exert your female dominance and get what you want. So ladies, get the pink on!

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