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sexbeachMy New Years resolution is to have more sex.
How can you have more sex? There are a few ways, as a lady it’s quite simple but you can’t just take in the first dog that lands on your doorstep. Try to at least set the bar a little higher. I want a George Clooney or Johnny Depp look alike. how an earth are you supposed to get that?

It seems that all beautiful men are either gay or already taken and happy. Or they are superstars and wouldn’t give a thought at a simple regular person like me. I guess then having New Years resolution of more sex is quite difficult. What am I supposed to do?

I won’t lower my standards or settle for anything less then the greatest and hottest men. I will try to find the best babes, maybe I’ll supply for the bachelor or the next season of Survivor. There always seems to be really hot guys on there.

My strategy will be to get the guy, screw the game, I want to get laid! I’m sure they’d allow me on the show since I have a very unique game strategy and all the USA would love to see a girl trying to get it on with the guys,e especially in a hot sandy location like Samoa.

A regular girl like me would be a hot babe on a hot sandy beach, almost nude in a hot little bikini, all the Americas would love to watch me get it on with a girl. It’s about sex and strategy now. Maybe my New Year’s resolutions should be to apply for survivor. Indirectly I can get more sex with a hot guy. I’ll keep you posted on that!

I could also go to Vegas and hang with the beautiful people. That would probably work too but I don’t want to catch a VD. that;s tricky waters to tread. The regular bar scene is full of grimy guys but I’ll admit that some of them are quite attractive, it just seems that a drunken sex night is passe. I’m getting up there in the years and the quality of guy from the bar doesn’t seem to be movie quality.

It’s like they don’t care about pleasing you, they just want to get their sick wet. It’s not the same kind of sex that a girl really likes. maybe a vacation fling will do it, like a hot club guy that works at the all inclusive resort, that’s always a good bet. Perhaps I’ll jet off on a vacation and then return to apply for survivor!

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If you find your sex life is in a rut, I have the best suggestion to make it more fun. take a sex break! I don;t mean to stop having sex, but i men to get away And put yourself in an entirely mew environment and let the passion flow. Being abstinent for a few days leading up to the vacation couldn’t hurt wither, it will build up the anticipation of your sex romp week or weekend and make it feel like the first time is coming again. So this is what you should do:

Book a trip to go away. Make it as long and elaborate as you can. If all you can do is a weekend at a hotel on your locate town, so be it. If you can go away for a week or a weekend at an all inclusive resort, that is even better. Of course in life you do what you can. Assuming you can get away and do an all inclusive for a week, this is what you should do. Try telling erotic stories to each other, it’s a great way to get aroused!

All inclusive resort somewhere in Mexico is perfect because you can drink your faces off. the booze might be a little watered down but with all the sugar rush you’ll be experiencing, you’ll be really hiper. With the booze in your system, you’ll be horny. This is pretty obvious that it will set the mood for active sex since you’ll have energy to burn!

Play some sex game. pretend that you don’t know each other and you’re eyeing each other from across the pool. Use pick up lines, get the butterflies like it’s the first time and flirt with each other. wait for him to invite you back to his room. Pretend you don’t know each other and it’s your first time. Do it in the shower. Make it really kinky.

Another thing to try is to bring sex toys or handcuffs. use them on each other and move your sex everywhere – not just in the bed. have sex on the balcony, that’s always fun. Try to sneak a quickie in the bushes away from plain sight but still in public. It;s your chance to do sex positions and sex acts that you never would at home because of you get caught, no big deal because these people don’t know who you are anyway.

The simple setting is enough o make it hot and erotic, The hot sun, cool pool, mini bikinis, fancy drinks and the whole calming setting is perfect for love. People have vacation flings because paradise is so ideal for romance so even if you;re not the romantic type, I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt the little arrow if cupid gracing your weekend. You’ll be in the mood.

Have sex often and whoever you feel like it. be spontaneous and fun and you’ll feel better about your relationship and when you get back to home when it’s all over, you’ll have s swimming pool, full of memories forever and it might inspire you to be more kinky at home. If not, then you can take another vacation at your earliest opportunity and do it all over again!

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A problem for many couples is that the man usually reaches orgasm first , leaving a frustrated woman in the bed alone. For intimate couples who really car about each other, it’s important for them to share in the joy or orgasm together. they should both get the same pleasure otherwise it’s a lopsided relationship and lacking for one partner. the following are a few tips that you can take to try to orgasm at the same time.

1.) Use a vibrating bullet.
This is the first and best way for the women to reach orgasm during sex. All you need to do is hold the small bullet vibrator oiver your clitoris during sex and it will come naturally. The best sexual psoiton for this is dioggies tyle but there are some vibratinb buyllets that are so tiny that you can hold them on yourt clit during jmissionary position and they won’t get in the way. these tiny sex toys are available at any local sex shop, they all sell them, and they don;t cost much money.

2.) Use penis desensitizer.
This creamy or gel paste contains benzocaine which helps to numb your penis. This is a topical anesthetic that is very safe to use because it’s the same stuff that dentists use when they are numbing your mouth before a needle, so it;/s safe to use and safe to ingest. What you do is place a little on the penis about 10 minutes before intercourse and it will numb the penis. usually it’s placed on the head and near the tip.

3.) Use a vibrator after the man has ejaculated.
If the first 2 tips did not work, not all is lost, simply reach for a vibrator, preferable a rabbit vibrator which stimulates inside and out and this will help her get an orgasm. Even if the man came already, at least the woman has a chance to feel good too. A rabbit vibrator can also be found at any local sex shop and they can cost a mini fortune but it’s not necessary. Any small rabbit vibrator will do just fine but you want to make sure that it has 2 motors to vibrate inside and outside.

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