se211403Okay, this is what to do with the Flexi-Power Bullet Vibrator Wand, I think it’s funny how adult toy manufacturers name their products, but i guess if I were to name it the “Black Bulbous Vibrating Stick”. I’ve seen worse through like products named the “Super Flexi-Mega Penis” OK, maybe I’m getting a little far-fetched… I don’t really consider it a “wand” but I suppose it fits the product well… Anyway, on with this re-view…

It’s supposed to look all space-age like with it’s shiny plastic and black coating. I guess it does it right. It takes 3 batteries which is great considering most vibrators take only 2 batteries. Wowwee! The vibrations make your hand go numb! It has several functions, they are kind of silly to me because as I press the button, it randomly has different patterns which seems kind of weird. Who would get-off from a “buzz – buzzzzz- buzz – buzzzz ” pattern? maybe someone likes it. I know who would like it – people who use this as an anal toy would love it because it will tingle in your bum differently. Ok, so maybe the multiple vibration thing isin’t so bad!

It is very flexible so if you use it as an anal sex toy it will work very well it’s like a flexible probe and it would probably be some anal sex lover’s absolute favorite toy.

How did I use it? I simply held the shaft half-way down as I held the vibrating bullet against my clitoris. This worked very well for me because the vibrations were so strong that if I were to hold onto the actual vibrating bullet, it would be too intense and my hand muscles would cram up. Even though this sex toy has a dramatic name and no real directions for use, I would recommend that it be used the way I suggested or try putting it in your bum, I’m sure you’ll love it!
(P.S. I got it at in the vibrating bullet wand page here incase you want to get your own sex toy!) There are also many others that you will find there and their selection is very good, it’s the only adult shop that I shop at!

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