A problem for many couples is that the man usually reaches orgasm first , leaving a frustrated woman in the bed alone. For intimate couples who really car about each other, it’s important for them to share in the joy or orgasm together. they should both get the same pleasure otherwise it’s a lopsided relationship and lacking for one partner. the following are a few tips that you can take to try to orgasm at the same time.

1.) Use a vibrating bullet.
This is the first and best way for the women to reach orgasm during sex. All you need to do is hold the small bullet vibrator oiver your clitoris during sex and it will come naturally. The best sexual psoiton for this is dioggies tyle but there are some vibratinb buyllets that are so tiny that you can hold them on yourt clit during jmissionary position and they won’t get in the way. these tiny sex toys are available at any local sex shop, they all sell them, and they don;t cost much money.

2.) Use penis desensitizer.
This creamy or gel paste contains benzocaine which helps to numb your penis. This is a topical anesthetic that is very safe to use because it’s the same stuff that dentists use when they are numbing your mouth before a needle, so it;/s safe to use and safe to ingest. What you do is place a little on the penis about 10 minutes before intercourse and it will numb the penis. usually it’s placed on the head and near the tip.

3.) Use a vibrator after the man has ejaculated.
If the first 2 tips did not work, not all is lost, simply reach for a vibrator, preferable a rabbit vibrator which stimulates inside and out and this will help her get an orgasm. Even if the man came already, at least the woman has a chance to feel good too. A rabbit vibrator can also be found at any local sex shop and they can cost a mini fortune but it’s not necessary. Any small rabbit vibrator will do just fine but you want to make sure that it has 2 motors to vibrate inside and outside.

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