oral-sex-gel3There are sexual novelty products that you use to enhance sexual response. Most people enjoy the feel. The old school version was toothpaste. In the 70′s, couples would use toothpaste for oral sex and then shortly after, the giver would get a bad stomach ache from swallowing too much!

There are no real adverse side effects of toothpaste but it’s worth purchasing an oral sex enhancer. take it from me first hand. Toothpaste is very strong and does not clean up easily, especially when it starts to harden and dry.

You will have toothpaste remnants on yourself for a few days after. Not to mention that you vagina is very sensitive and if you get too much in there, the power effects of the toothpaste can cause a PH imbalance and give you an infection, dryness and perhaps there are other side effects I don’t know about.

I would image there are because we learned in school when we were young not to put things in body cavities where they don’t belong! It would only make common sense that we continue to follow this rule!

If you get one of the oral sex gels, they are better then ones that are runny. They create a tingle like toothpaste without the harsh additives. The magic ingredients is L-Arginine, which is the same ingredient in “stimulating” lubricants. It’s a natural additive that is menthol based and adds a tingling feel wherever it put, especially on mucus membranes.

Here is some more info about L-Arginine. It ‘s an amino acid that increases blood flow and has some other neat side effect like increasing your immune system – but don’t go drinking the stuff because it;s not the synthetic kind, it’s the Arginine that’s naturally formed in the body.

When you apply L-Arginine, it stimulates the area by increasing blood flow which is why it increases sensation because when more blood id in the clitoris, it responds quicker and easier to stimulation. Add a little menthol in there and you’re ready for love!

There are pastes and liquids, obviously you should choose the pastes because they won’t make a mess all over and will stay concentrated on the areas where they belong.

Not every women likes the feel, some find it irritating or the cooling effect is uncomfortable but for the women who like it, they like it allot. I would recommend to try toothpaste first and if you like it, then spend the dough and get some oral sex gels.

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