sexbeachMy New Years resolution is to have more sex.
How can you have more sex? There are a few ways, as a lady it’s quite simple but you can’t just take in the first dog that lands on your doorstep. Try to at least set the bar a little higher. I want a George Clooney or Johnny Depp look alike. how an earth are you supposed to get that?

It seems that all beautiful men are either gay or already taken and happy. Or they are superstars and wouldn’t give a thought at a simple regular person like me. I guess then having New Years resolution of more sex is quite difficult. What am I supposed to do?

I won’t lower my standards or settle for anything less then the greatest and hottest men. I will try to find the best babes, maybe I’ll supply for the bachelor or the next season of Survivor. There always seems to be really hot guys on there.

My strategy will be to get the guy, screw the game, I want to get laid! I’m sure they’d allow me on the show since I have a very unique game strategy and all the USA would love to see a girl trying to get it on with the guys,e especially in a hot sandy location like Samoa.

A regular girl like me would be a hot babe on a hot sandy beach, almost nude in a hot little bikini, all the Americas would love to watch me get it on with a girl. It’s about sex and strategy now. Maybe my New Year’s resolutions should be to apply for survivor. Indirectly I can get more sex with a hot guy. I’ll keep you posted on that!

I could also go to Vegas and hang with the beautiful people. That would probably work too but I don’t want to catch a VD. that;s tricky waters to tread. The regular bar scene is full of grimy guys but I’ll admit that some of them are quite attractive, it just seems that a drunken sex night is passe. I’m getting up there in the years and the quality of guy from the bar doesn’t seem to be movie quality.

It’s like they don’t care about pleasing you, they just want to get their sick wet. It’s not the same kind of sex that a girl really likes. maybe a vacation fling will do it, like a hot club guy that works at the all inclusive resort, that’s always a good bet. Perhaps I’ll jet off on a vacation and then return to apply for survivor!

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