jake and viennaDid I get your attention?

I bet I did! Here is my comments on the bachelor couple and why they are so hot and perfect. First of all controversial sex is great. To be with a lover that no one thinks is good is something wee all do at one point of time or another,. Do you remember when you snuck out of your house when you were younger? You went for the bad boy and kissed him behind the gym at school? Vienna is jake’s bad girl.

I think they are such a good couple and we can learn allot from them. the main lesson they teach is that it;’s so important to have fun and be playful. Tenley says that she’s playful, maybe she is when she plays with a puppy but that’s the extent of it. Vienna is playful in a sex way, in a rough and tumble way. It’s fun to rumble with your lover in bed, get dirty, bring in some edible body paint.

I bet they get wild and a little nasty when they get together and I’m so sure that they’ll love to use the glow in the dark body paint kit. It’s the naughtiest adult novelty I’ve ever seen and I bet that they would use it if I sent it to them!

Their playful and nastiness was confirmed the episode when they were rolling in the mud. I imaged them doing very x rated things when the camera’s weren’t rolling. The producers have to keep it very G rated though because it’s a show on prime time and you can’t get too risque at that time of the day. Maybe Jake and Vienna should have their own reality show last night on showcase and then you can see what they are really like. They are sure to be sex teachers for everyone else. I admire them and hope they enjoy the fame and the sex while it lasts!

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