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Juggling two careers is never easy but once you find a balance and you grow in confidence, the rewards can be amazing. Obviously, you have to be ready and prepared to face a challenge but it’s a lot of fun too.

As well as working for my boss in an office in London, I also work evenings and weekend as a London escort girl. I have clients who I see on a regular basis and they know me as an independent escort. I also work with a successful London escort agency which enables me to get to know other girls in this industry and also to get to meet new clients.

Balancing the two jobs was sometimes difficult at first but now I have a good routine and I know how to handle my time between the office and the escort work on the side. The main reason to hold on to both jobs is that I really enjoy the two jobs. I would not like to disappoint my boss and I enjoy working for him but I also look forward to nights out as an escort. I guess being sexy helps me with the two jobs as well and I enjoy looking after my body and shopping for sexy outfits. Thanks to the extra money from my escort work, I get to dress in designer clothes and lovely sexy lingerie without having to worry about my bank balance.

As a London escort girl for a high end agency, I get to meet clients who know how to work hard and play hard and I usually get on really well with them. They enjoy my personality as well as my looks and take me to great restaurants, parties and hotels. They also know how to give me a lot of pleasure in bed. Like most girls who worked for a London escort agencies, I love to give head and I know how to give them a lot of pleasure too. I also read sextoytraining,com on a regular basis for fun tips and recommendations.

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In Los Angeles last call comes at 2 a.m.

In New York there are some after hours clubs that stay open until 4 a.m.

In Las Vegas there are no last calls, no curfews and the only rule in force is the Fun Rule. You are obligated to Have Fun no matter what town, city, hamlet, country or principality from which you hail.

You want fun? Let a Las Vegas Escort show you the city. She’ll take you to places where you can rock your socks off or knock your rocks off. You can bet every one of our sexy escorts knows the city inside and out and is well-schooled in how to show you a good time whether on the Strip, off the Strip or in your room.

The party begins when you make the call and the arrangements with one of our very capable, very friendly and very competent operators. If you’re creative enough you might even be able to talk one of our phone girls into joining the party, but don’t count on it. Other tourist cities have beautiful escorts, but none of them have as many incredible women, with such near-perfect bodies as the vast number Las Vegas can offer. And many of those other cities have stringent rules that put restrictions on fun.

Vegas Escorts are bound by no such restrictions and taboos. After all, haven’t you seen those TV ads boasting of the city’s motto, ‘What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”? Well this is one time you can believe the advertising. You might not be able to buy a car for the price you see on TV, or pile as much crap in your Ford or Toyota Truck but you can count on a Las Vegas Escort to come as advertised. With all the bells and whistles plus a desire to please and a body to set your heart on fire.

There’s nothing like the real thing and it doesn’t matter what color her hair or her eyes, Vegas escorts are definitely the real thing. Right down to their high heels and thongs. You want excitement? You came to the right place, and you never have to leave the comfort of your room. And no one has ever complained about the girls we send to knock on their door because every Vegas escort not only knows the ropes, but they could to a woman teach Escorts in those other cities a trick or two.

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