I attend this casual party for people in my city.
There is this guy at the party who looks a little more refined then the rest. I wonder what he’s doing here, he doesn’t really fit in. He seems professor like, in his stature, the way he carries himself and the way he looks. He’s very clean cut and attractive. I wander over his way and introduce myself.

- “Hi I’m tara”
He happily looks over and says:
- “Hi I’m William”
hmmm even has a hoity-toity name.
- “What are you doing here”, I ask.
- ” My wife went out for a night on the town with the girls in another city, so instead of staying home alone I decided to come out to this party that I saw on a local website.”
- “What do you do for a living?”
- “I’m a university professor.”
Hmm… I bite my lip on one corner, squint my eyes a little, coyly look over and say
- “mmmmm, I like that”

Very seductive, instantly, my juices are flowing. He squints his eyes back at me and right there at that moment.. the eye contact was so hot I instantly get wet in my panties. I shuddered a little inside. I instantly was taken to a hot and steamy place were he was showing me a lesson or two in sexual pleasure.

He just looked at me, in a little bit of awe because this super hot girl was obviously hitting on him – in a simple understated way. I wanted him to ask me back to his place.

He added to the intensity when he said
- “Do you like teachers?”
- “I like learning new things. I like the fact that you’re a university professor, you must be reaaaaaly good at what you do.”
-”I’m very good” and he winked at me. Oh god I’m so hot now.
-”Would you like to come back to my house and I’ll show you a few things?”
- “yes, please I’m eager to lean what you have to teach.” So we get in his powerful little car, you can tell he’s been a professor for a while, he has sexy wheels. OK fast forward to his place…

Neither of us says a word. He is probably living his ultimate fantasy in his head. In fact I know he is but I don’t say anything and neither does he. I am slowly living my perfect fantasy in my head and I want to let it run.

He kisses me and the neck, followed by a few nibbles. I cut to the chase, I’m too aroused for this, I rip off his shirt, he has a very manly hairy chest. Ah sexy.

I unbutton his pants and he has very expensive underwear. I like. His dick is hard, I pull his undies down. All the while he’s undressing me with complete lust. He throws me on the couch and then spins me around and grabs my hair. He breaks the silence by saying “Here’s what I have to show you” and I hear this buzzing sound.

He holds my head forward so I can’t turn around and then he sticks a vibrator into my gaping swelled love hole. Oh mi god this feels incredible. It’s smooth and strong and he thrusts it in and out, I’m wet and sloppy and he flicks my clit. I am experiencing pure sexual joy. Then he removes the vibrator, inserts his extra hard super plump and warm penis into me as he holds the vibrator over my clit. He thrusts into me furiously and my clit is swelled with pleasure.

The intense sensation of the vibrator with his penis thrusting is more then can handle. I scream”yes teacher, show me more! and he thrusts quicker and then we both cum in a san if a few minutes. I usually don’t come this hard or this fast but the whole professor fantasy is just way too munch to handle. I am stunned for the next few hours.

I head back to the party to meet up with my friends and they ask where I’ve been. Oh boy if they only knew…

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