sexbeachMy New Years resolution is to have more sex.
How can you have more sex? There are a few ways, as a lady it’s quite simple but you can’t just take in the first dog that lands on your doorstep. Try to at least set the bar a little higher. I want a George Clooney or Johnny Depp look alike. how an earth are you supposed to get that?

It seems that all beautiful men are either gay or already taken and happy. Or they are superstars and wouldn’t give a thought at a simple regular person like me. I guess then having New Years resolution of more sex is quite difficult. What am I supposed to do?

I won’t lower my standards or settle for anything less then the greatest and hottest men. I will try to find the best babes, maybe I’ll supply for the bachelor or the next season of Survivor. There always seems to be really hot guys on there.

My strategy will be to get the guy, screw the game, I want to get laid! I’m sure they’d allow me on the show since I have a very unique game strategy and all the USA would love to see a girl trying to get it on with the guys,e especially in a hot sandy location like Samoa.

A regular girl like me would be a hot babe on a hot sandy beach, almost nude in a hot little bikini, all the Americas would love to watch me get it on with a girl. It’s about sex and strategy now. Maybe my New Year’s resolutions should be to apply for survivor. Indirectly I can get more sex with a hot guy. I’ll keep you posted on that!

I could also go to Vegas and hang with the beautiful people. That would probably work too but I don’t want to catch a VD. that;s tricky waters to tread. The regular bar scene is full of grimy guys but I’ll admit that some of them are quite attractive, it just seems that a drunken sex night is passe. I’m getting up there in the years and the quality of guy from the bar doesn’t seem to be movie quality.

It’s like they don’t care about pleasing you, they just want to get their sick wet. It’s not the same kind of sex that a girl really likes. maybe a vacation fling will do it, like a hot club guy that works at the all inclusive resort, that’s always a good bet. Perhaps I’ll jet off on a vacation and then return to apply for survivor!

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triple-probeI’ve been lacking on my sex toy review posts lately. Mainly because I’ve slowed on my sex toy purchases but I found this hot new thang at a local shop and I juts had to have it! It looks kinda like one of those older sex toys but the material is not sticky jelly at all, it’s smooth jelly like although the packaging says TPR, it more stiff then silicone. Whatever it is, it’s a good build.

The 3 ends are noticeable different from each other and I tried all of them in different orifices and I must say that it’s very erotic. The thicker end is smooth with a little mushroom tip It’s shorter so when you insert it all the way, the curve caresses your clit. or you can flip it the other way and enjoy some double penetration. The smaller end is sturdy enough to be able to be inserted, it won’t flop away from you easily. You can grasp the middle, where the 3 pieces meet, it is easy to hold on to.

It could be a little wider but I won’t complain much because it gives more of a seductive feel, like teasing since it doesn’t fill me up all the way so when I crave a bigger filling feel, I can move up to another toy. And that’s just what we did. My man and I really enjoyed this one for foreplay.

The anal beaded end is really fun, I like to obvious texture of the bumpy surface. If you’re extra kinky like me, you’ll appreciate the feel. It was like 30 dollars which is a little steep for a sex toy that dies not even vibrate but it’s great for some variety.

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If you find your sex life is in a rut, I have the best suggestion to make it more fun. take a sex break! I don;t mean to stop having sex, but i men to get away And put yourself in an entirely mew environment and let the passion flow. Being abstinent for a few days leading up to the vacation couldn’t hurt wither, it will build up the anticipation of your sex romp week or weekend and make it feel like the first time is coming again. So this is what you should do:

Book a trip to go away. Make it as long and elaborate as you can. If all you can do is a weekend at a hotel on your locate town, so be it. If you can go away for a week or a weekend at an all inclusive resort, that is even better. Of course in life you do what you can. Assuming you can get away and do an all inclusive for a week, this is what you should do. Try telling erotic stories to each other, it’s a great way to get aroused!

All inclusive resort somewhere in Mexico is perfect because you can drink your faces off. the booze might be a little watered down but with all the sugar rush you’ll be experiencing, you’ll be really hiper. With the booze in your system, you’ll be horny. This is pretty obvious that it will set the mood for active sex since you’ll have energy to burn!

Play some sex game. pretend that you don’t know each other and you’re eyeing each other from across the pool. Use pick up lines, get the butterflies like it’s the first time and flirt with each other. wait for him to invite you back to his room. Pretend you don’t know each other and it’s your first time. Do it in the shower. Make it really kinky.

Another thing to try is to bring sex toys or handcuffs. use them on each other and move your sex everywhere – not just in the bed. have sex on the balcony, that’s always fun. Try to sneak a quickie in the bushes away from plain sight but still in public. It;s your chance to do sex positions and sex acts that you never would at home because of you get caught, no big deal because these people don’t know who you are anyway.

The simple setting is enough o make it hot and erotic, The hot sun, cool pool, mini bikinis, fancy drinks and the whole calming setting is perfect for love. People have vacation flings because paradise is so ideal for romance so even if you;re not the romantic type, I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt the little arrow if cupid gracing your weekend. You’ll be in the mood.

Have sex often and whoever you feel like it. be spontaneous and fun and you’ll feel better about your relationship and when you get back to home when it’s all over, you’ll have s swimming pool, full of memories forever and it might inspire you to be more kinky at home. If not, then you can take another vacation at your earliest opportunity and do it all over again!

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Pink is a girlie color. It represents youngness, sex, cuteness, and innocence. It’s the color that parents paint their daughter’s rooms. It carries over through life and grows and the girl grows but it keeps a youthful attribute. Pink is the color of sex toys. A pink vibrator looks nicer then any other color, it looks less dirty and raunchy.

A pink corset is the perfect blend of naughty and nice. Pink is the color of pussy lips, men see this as feminine and inviting. Fresh and ready to go. I think baboons have pink and red bottoms and when they are ready to mate, the color gets brighter. Don’t take my work for that but I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes in the animal kingdom.

When a lady dons pink attire, she feels more coy and cute, This allows her to act the part. Think of it ladies, don’t you feel cuter and more girlie in pink? When you are cute and girly, you can get your way. Men are much more likely to sway to your demands when you are cute and pink then when you are blue.

Blue is not sexy, it’s a boy color. It means that you are more rough and tumble many men do like this but in the deep biological sense, girls are supposed to be delicate. Men are rough, not he women, When you wear pink, you have power and control.

Think of it this way. Wear a blur shirt and act really cute and beg for an ice cream. He will probably agree if you are cute but if you’re in something pink and pretty, he’ll not only agree, but do it with an eager smile, he wants to make you happy. Probably thinking about what you will do to make him happy later, but ladies, that’s why it’s so great to be a lady!

It’s a great way to exert your female dominance and get what you want. So ladies, get the pink on!

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A problem for many couples is that the man usually reaches orgasm first , leaving a frustrated woman in the bed alone. For intimate couples who really car about each other, it’s important for them to share in the joy or orgasm together. they should both get the same pleasure otherwise it’s a lopsided relationship and lacking for one partner. the following are a few tips that you can take to try to orgasm at the same time.

1.) Use a vibrating bullet.
This is the first and best way for the women to reach orgasm during sex. All you need to do is hold the small bullet vibrator oiver your clitoris during sex and it will come naturally. The best sexual psoiton for this is dioggies tyle but there are some vibratinb buyllets that are so tiny that you can hold them on yourt clit during jmissionary position and they won’t get in the way. these tiny sex toys are available at any local sex shop, they all sell them, and they don;t cost much money.

2.) Use penis desensitizer.
This creamy or gel paste contains benzocaine which helps to numb your penis. This is a topical anesthetic that is very safe to use because it’s the same stuff that dentists use when they are numbing your mouth before a needle, so it;/s safe to use and safe to ingest. What you do is place a little on the penis about 10 minutes before intercourse and it will numb the penis. usually it’s placed on the head and near the tip.

3.) Use a vibrator after the man has ejaculated.
If the first 2 tips did not work, not all is lost, simply reach for a vibrator, preferable a rabbit vibrator which stimulates inside and out and this will help her get an orgasm. Even if the man came already, at least the woman has a chance to feel good too. A rabbit vibrator can also be found at any local sex shop and they can cost a mini fortune but it’s not necessary. Any small rabbit vibrator will do just fine but you want to make sure that it has 2 motors to vibrate inside and outside.

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Hey to all the men out there. Take a break and support the little lady who needs to pay some bills. She knows what she has and is at no worry to show it off to to you.

Sexy Asian babe show how gorgeous she look in all kind of lingerie or bikini. Nice and firm ass with a great body are just some of the features of this hot Asian lady. Check out the rest of the features.Click here to view the last show pics and to view her profile and know a lot more about her, click here.

She loves to show herself off and we’ll gladly help her do that!

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Not all men prefer big boobs. All men like looking at big boobs just the same as they like looking at a big truck. It’s nice to look at but it does not necessarily mean that’s what they want. Just because it’s fun to look at does not mean that they’re not happy with what they have. Women should feel this way too but unfortunately, women have been trained that a man’s attention means too much.

There are many pretty people in the world and just because your man looks at another woman does not men that he no longer ants you. You have to learn to love your little boobs, It;s easy and important. The reason that it’s important to love what nature gave you is that confidence is sexy. A confident lady will perform in bed, men like that so that’s all you need to remember. This is why you should love your small boobs.

Younger women have smaller boobs. Look at the popularity of barely 18 porn movies and galleries. men craze young women and the reason is biological. Younger women are more fertile and in the caveman days, men needed to reproduce with younger fertile women to spread their seed. Thousand years of evolution have not changed the man’s ways and they still like this so small breasts denotes a younger lady. Take this with stride an play it up, act young, sweet and innocent and he will craze you juts the way you are and never wish you had big boobs. Huge boobs on an 18 years old is not natural, men wonder what is wrong and why the boobs are so big. play young, be young and fit your body type.
Another reason that small breasts are nice is that they are well kept and perky. Touch your boobs in front of your man. Pinch your nipples and poke at your titties and say “aren’t they perky and cute?” men lobe cute and perky if your attitude matches your boobs, you’ll be desired and they will love your unique way. You will be seductive in a sweet way and men love that.
A tip on what not to do is that you should not false advertise and wear a heavily padded bra. When the bra comes off in the bedroom, he’ll definitely notice that your boobs have shrunk and this might be a problem. If you war a push up bra, it will show your actual breast size while giving you some cleavage. When you take off your bra, there is no false advertising and he already knows what to expect so there is no disappointment in the bedroom.
Remember these helpful handful of tips and love your handful of boos, he will too! Be young and perky like your breasts and you will fit the style and it will work. You’ll be able to seduce any man juts like the women with the big boobs. You might even command a little more respect when you notice that they looks in your eyes and not at your breasts!

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The time has come when the days grow longer and the sun gets hotter. You know what else gets hotter? Passion between couples. Skirts get shorter and men get hornier! Praise the summer! Give your sexual technique a makeover and give yourself not juts a new haircut but a new way to enjoy sex. The following are 5 spring foreplay tips to allow you to be erotic like a porn star.

1.) Watch an adult film together.
It is such a turn on when you watch a porn flick together. It arouses you both but also releases some inhibitions. Porn stars are experts and they do some sexual positions that you might not have considered. It also allows you to be ultra sexy. Don’t worry about the lady with bigger boobs then yourself because in the back of the man’s head, he is worried about what you think about the male star’s bigger penis. Don’t get self conscious and if you think this may happen, then turn out the lights in the room and let the light of the naked bodies on the TV screen be the only light cast on your intimate setting.

2.) Go for a picnic in the forest.
Pack a big soft blanket, chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne (but only if you’re not driving) and take a hike into the woods to find a private clearing. You can feed the fruit to your lover. Lick champagne off of their belly button. get intimate, roll around in the blanker. Roll up the blanket with yourselves in between. Enjoy foreplay and sex when you are stuck together, oh so intimate! If you are extra kinky, you can have sex standing up wrapped around a tree.. creativity abounds! Please don’t forget the mosquito repellant! There is nothing like an ass full of mosquito bites to be the tell tale sign of where you were yesterday!

3.) Use a finger vibrator.
This article is about foreplay tips, not sex tips and the best foreplay tip is to use finger vibrator. This can enable the woman to have an orgasms even before sex starts. More often then not, this is not possible, or she fakes it. Unless he’s berry good at cunnilingus. The finger vibrator will prevent any faked orgasms, they are all for real. It’s totally self explanatory that you press it against her clitoris, but you can also use it to massage and tickle. Its very fun, try it for yourself!

4.) Get frisky underwater.
It’s so erotic to finger each other under water. You can’t see what’s coming to you, all you can see is the lusty look in your lover’s eyes. It’s so erotic not knowing. I compare foreplay underwater to being blindfolded. There is so much anticipation because you’re whole body is reachable, very inch can be explored blindly so each touch is exciting and anticipated. Also, the licenses of the water if very erotic when the fingers glide over wherever you touch – or are touched!

5.) Go for a roll in the hay.
This might call for a blanket again because the hay is prickly, but if you don;t have a sex blanket, you can still enjoy the erotic encounter in a barn. It’s so sexy because it’s very old fashioned way to make love – or make foreplay. You can really live up to the saying a roll in the hay! The smell of the barn, the dirt it’s so earthy. It’s dirty and bad and you can really enjoy the naughty side of sex. You get back to each and get in touch with nature. At home you may worry about being dirty or doing something gross, but in the barn, all bets are off and you can experiment some bad things because your surroundings reflect the mood. It’s a great experience.

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oral-sex-gel3There are sexual novelty products that you use to enhance sexual response. Most people enjoy the feel. The old school version was toothpaste. In the 70′s, couples would use toothpaste for oral sex and then shortly after, the giver would get a bad stomach ache from swallowing too much!

There are no real adverse side effects of toothpaste but it’s worth purchasing an oral sex enhancer. take it from me first hand. Toothpaste is very strong and does not clean up easily, especially when it starts to harden and dry.

You will have toothpaste remnants on yourself for a few days after. Not to mention that you vagina is very sensitive and if you get too much in there, the power effects of the toothpaste can cause a PH imbalance and give you an infection, dryness and perhaps there are other side effects I don’t know about.

I would image there are because we learned in school when we were young not to put things in body cavities where they don’t belong! It would only make common sense that we continue to follow this rule!

If you get one of the oral sex gels, they are better then ones that are runny. They create a tingle like toothpaste without the harsh additives. The magic ingredients is L-Arginine, which is the same ingredient in “stimulating” lubricants. It’s a natural additive that is menthol based and adds a tingling feel wherever it put, especially on mucus membranes.

Here is some more info about L-Arginine. It ‘s an amino acid that increases blood flow and has some other neat side effect like increasing your immune system – but don’t go drinking the stuff because it;s not the synthetic kind, it’s the Arginine that’s naturally formed in the body.

When you apply L-Arginine, it stimulates the area by increasing blood flow which is why it increases sensation because when more blood id in the clitoris, it responds quicker and easier to stimulation. Add a little menthol in there and you’re ready for love!

There are pastes and liquids, obviously you should choose the pastes because they won’t make a mess all over and will stay concentrated on the areas where they belong.

Not every women likes the feel, some find it irritating or the cooling effect is uncomfortable but for the women who like it, they like it allot. I would recommend to try toothpaste first and if you like it, then spend the dough and get some oral sex gels.

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In Los Angeles last call comes at 2 a.m.

In New York there are some after hours clubs that stay open until 4 a.m.

In Las Vegas there are no last calls, no curfews and the only rule in force is the Fun Rule. You are obligated to Have Fun no matter what town, city, hamlet, country or principality from which you hail.

You want fun? Let a Las Vegas Escort show you the city. She’ll take you to places where you can rock your socks off or knock your rocks off. You can bet every one of our sexy escorts knows the city inside and out and is well-schooled in how to show you a good time whether on the Strip, off the Strip or in your room.

The party begins when you make the call and the arrangements with one of our very capable, very friendly and very competent operators. If you’re creative enough you might even be able to talk one of our phone girls into joining the party, but don’t count on it. Other tourist cities have beautiful escorts, but none of them have as many incredible women, with such near-perfect bodies as the vast number Las Vegas can offer. And many of those other cities have stringent rules that put restrictions on fun.

Vegas Escorts are bound by no such restrictions and taboos. After all, haven’t you seen those TV ads boasting of the city’s motto, ‘What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”? Well this is one time you can believe the advertising. You might not be able to buy a car for the price you see on TV, or pile as much crap in your Ford or Toyota Truck but you can count on a Las Vegas Escort to come as advertised. With all the bells and whistles plus a desire to please and a body to set your heart on fire.

There’s nothing like the real thing and it doesn’t matter what color her hair or her eyes, Vegas escorts are definitely the real thing. Right down to their high heels and thongs. You want excitement? You came to the right place, and you never have to leave the comfort of your room. And no one has ever complained about the girls we send to knock on their door because every Vegas escort not only knows the ropes, but they could to a woman teach Escorts in those other cities a trick or two.

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