Not all men prefer big boobs. All men like looking at big boobs just the same as they like looking at a big truck. It’s nice to look at but it does not necessarily mean that’s what they want. Just because it’s fun to look at does not mean that they’re not happy with what they have. Women should feel this way too but unfortunately, women have been trained that a man’s attention means too much.

There are many pretty people in the world and just because your man looks at another woman does not men that he no longer ants you. You have to learn to love your little boobs, It;s easy and important. The reason that it’s important to love what nature gave you is that confidence is sexy. A confident lady will perform in bed, men like that so that’s all you need to remember. This is why you should love your small boobs.

Younger women have smaller boobs. Look at the popularity of barely 18 porn movies and galleries. men craze young women and the reason is biological. Younger women are more fertile and in the caveman days, men needed to reproduce with younger fertile women to spread their seed. Thousand years of evolution have not changed the man’s ways and they still like this so small breasts denotes a younger lady. Take this with stride an play it up, act young, sweet and innocent and he will craze you juts the way you are and never wish you had big boobs. Huge boobs on an 18 years old is not natural, men wonder what is wrong and why the boobs are so big. play young, be young and fit your body type.
Another reason that small breasts are nice is that they are well kept and perky. Touch your boobs in front of your man. Pinch your nipples and poke at your titties and say “aren’t they perky and cute?” men lobe cute and perky if your attitude matches your boobs, you’ll be desired and they will love your unique way. You will be seductive in a sweet way and men love that.
A tip on what not to do is that you should not false advertise and wear a heavily padded bra. When the bra comes off in the bedroom, he’ll definitely notice that your boobs have shrunk and this might be a problem. If you war a push up bra, it will show your actual breast size while giving you some cleavage. When you take off your bra, there is no false advertising and he already knows what to expect so there is no disappointment in the bedroom.
Remember these helpful handful of tips and love your handful of boos, he will too! Be young and perky like your breasts and you will fit the style and it will work. You’ll be able to seduce any man juts like the women with the big boobs. You might even command a little more respect when you notice that they looks in your eyes and not at your breasts!

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