Valentine's day

Hallmark holiday or a real holiday? The choice is up to you but the origins of valentine’s Day are clear and true. Take a look at the article about the origins of Valentine’s Day and judge for yourself. What I found amusing is that just like in the old days, the real old days there were sacrifices made. I’m glad that people don’t feel the need to kill animals anymore for the gods – in the hemisphere anyway!

But back to the current century, Valentine’s day is a very important day. It’s very sad that men cry about it being a Hallmark holiday because it’s only 1 day per year. So you have to buy your woman chocolates, a card and some flowers one day per year – and you complain about that? Yeesh, When you think of it that way, men are horrible! they should be happy to show love at least 1 day per year!

It;s the simple gestures that mean the most. The little kiss in the morning, the rose left on the kitchen counter for me to see when I come downstairs in the morning. Simple things mean allot because that means that you thought of something yourself. Even if chocolates are typical, he took the time to think of it and do something do you so it’s all about the love.

Today (Sunday to be precise) is the day when the most people will be proposed to. It’s very easy for men to take a chance on love on this day because women are love struck so the chances of her saying yes to a proposal today are much higher then a normal day. Also it makes a really sweet story to tell your friends. It’s a romance story written in time and remembered forever.

It’s good day to get married to because the man will never forget the wedding anniversary! The only problem with Valentine’s day weddings is that venues and caterers even photographers charge extra for a holiday fee. It’s a really desired day so it will cost you more – allot more so if you have the cash, be prepared to shell out a pretty penny for a Valentine Day wedding.

I like to get away for a while, go to a romantic Inn and have a sexy and intimate weekend together. Drive away from your city and relax yourself, it should only cost a coup,e of hundred bucks but the peace and quiet is priceless.

Regardless of how you like to celebrate, it’s the day for love so enjoy it and make the most of our this one special day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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