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I attend this casual party for people in my city.
There is this guy at the party who looks a little more refined then the rest. I wonder what he’s doing here, he doesn’t really fit in. He seems professor like, in his stature, the way he carries himself and the way he looks. He’s very clean cut and attractive. I wander over his way and introduce myself.

- “Hi I’m tara”
He happily looks over and says:
- “Hi I’m William”
hmmm even has a hoity-toity name.
- “What are you doing here”, I ask.
- ” My wife went out for a night on the town with the girls in another city, so instead of staying home alone I decided to come out to this party that I saw on a local website.”
- “What do you do for a living?”
- “I’m a university professor.”
Hmm… I bite my lip on one corner, squint my eyes a little, coyly look over and say
- “mmmmm, I like that”

Very seductive, instantly, my juices are flowing. He squints his eyes back at me and right there at that moment.. the eye contact was so hot I instantly get wet in my panties. I shuddered a little inside. I instantly was taken to a hot and steamy place were he was showing me a lesson or two in sexual pleasure.

He just looked at me, in a little bit of awe because this super hot girl was obviously hitting on him – in a simple understated way. I wanted him to ask me back to his place.

He added to the intensity when he said
- “Do you like teachers?”
- “I like learning new things. I like the fact that you’re a university professor, you must be reaaaaaly good at what you do.”
-”I’m very good” and he winked at me. Oh god I’m so hot now.
-”Would you like to come back to my house and I’ll show you a few things?”
- “yes, please I’m eager to lean what you have to teach.” So we get in his powerful little car, you can tell he’s been a professor for a while, he has sexy wheels. OK fast forward to his place…

Neither of us says a word. He is probably living his ultimate fantasy in his head. In fact I know he is but I don’t say anything and neither does he. I am slowly living my perfect fantasy in my head and I want to let it run.

He kisses me and the neck, followed by a few nibbles. I cut to the chase, I’m too aroused for this, I rip off his shirt, he has a very manly hairy chest. Ah sexy.

I unbutton his pants and he has very expensive underwear. I like. His dick is hard, I pull his undies down. All the while he’s undressing me with complete lust. He throws me on the couch and then spins me around and grabs my hair. He breaks the silence by saying “Here’s what I have to show you” and I hear this buzzing sound.

He holds my head forward so I can’t turn around and then he sticks a vibrator into my gaping swelled love hole. Oh mi god this feels incredible. It’s smooth and strong and he thrusts it in and out, I’m wet and sloppy and he flicks my clit. I am experiencing pure sexual joy. Then he removes the vibrator, inserts his extra hard super plump and warm penis into me as he holds the vibrator over my clit. He thrusts into me furiously and my clit is swelled with pleasure.

The intense sensation of the vibrator with his penis thrusting is more then can handle. I scream”yes teacher, show me more! and he thrusts quicker and then we both cum in a san if a few minutes. I usually don’t come this hard or this fast but the whole professor fantasy is just way too munch to handle. I am stunned for the next few hours.

I head back to the party to meet up with my friends and they ask where I’ve been. Oh boy if they only knew…

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Kiki Howell's RitualsKiki how is an author of magical erotic romances. She likes to let her wild imagination run free taking the hot and sexy and mixing it with such things as magical spells and vampires!

In her novella, Rituals, she plays off of a Wiccan ceremony to put her hero and heroine in the mind to begin experimenting with bondage…

After a Wiccan ritual opens her eyes to her old friend, Maddie’s first week together with Ryan, goes by in a blur of knots and ropes. Creative in their endeavors, they tie each other to everything from the coffee table to the kitchen cabinets. Neither the sash of her silk robe nor the curly ribbon on a present is left unused as a device of sensual torture. Together, they find the freedom they seek in bondage. But, when Maddie’s controlling ex-husband returns hell-bent on taking her back, will Ryan and Maddie be bound by the past or become tied to each other?

What they are saying about Rituals…

“The subject matter is racy (the sex is wild!) and the romance is wonderful. The plot builds nicely to a tense climax and the resolution is very satisfying. I highly recommend Rituals to those who like romantic fiction with spice!” ~Dawn D. at Manic Readers

“This quick read novella gives readers a delightful look at light bondage. Both Maddie and Ryan are great characters having a great time exploring the new world that has opened up to them. Expect the bedroom scenes to get scorching hot.” Romance Book Scene – Rated 4 out of 5 Hearts!

“The story in itself is wonderful.  I loved the sensuality, passion and heat.  I loved the interplay between Maddie and Ryan. Their history seemed to make the heat even steamier. In conclusion, would I read this author again?  Hell, yes.  I enjoyed the sex play and passion.  Would I buy her books?  Hell, yes. Hotness–5 out of 5.”~Review by Doni at Romance in the Backseat

Available now from eXcessica in eBook and also in The Healing Spell
Warnings: This title contains Graphic Language, Bondage, Sex Toys and Anal Play

“Are you quite agreeable to beginning, Maddie?” Ryan asked in the formal pedagogy of days gone by. She knew he had done so for her benefit with his coy smile and the come-hither voice he adopted when he wanted to lighten the mood.While she was grateful for his attempts, he had not succeeded in easing her nerves. As she looked to the silver cord hanging in loops over his outstretched hand, she did her best to smile reassuringly back at him to return the favor. Behind the facade, her thoughts flowed like turbulent seas as she tried to maneuver through the waves of her doubts.

Still, she was more than ready. A restless sort of eager, she earnestly desired the proposed outcome of this new experience. It was as if she had been preparing herself for this moment for the last few years. To prove it, she nodded her head at him and dropped the white silk cape he had given her.

As he looked down over her revealed figure, she disregarded the fact that this was the first time he had seen her naked. She had chosen to participate in tonight’s rite, thought it out and drafted herself to take the final step she needed to freedom. Ignoring the way her body trembled within his field of vision, she averted her gaze to the breathtaking yards of material embroidered with delicate flowers lying in a shimmering puddle at her feet. It reflected the candles all around them making her feel for a moment she was a goddess on display at the altar.

“Kneel before me,” he requested. Yet, within his sovereign voice, she detected a slight tremor. Maddie was obedient, lowering herself with as much grace as she was capable of. Upon kneeling, she had caught a glimpse of how his jeans curved over a quite impressive outline, and she couldn’t get past the bulging part of his anatomy presently at her eye level. Although she was trying to focus in on his words, as she understood the vital importance of comprehending his directions, she was distracted even after he tugged closed his own robe to cover himself. Pondering for just a moment if her present state of undress had something to do with the extent of his forming erection, she reveled in the sweetness of the stroke to her ego. She had needed the boost. Looking up at Ryan as he spoke about relationships and transformation specifically in the vain of what would transpire tonight, hope filled her. She desired the creation of momentum and healing this rite promised.

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queen-sizeI want to stop short of saying this, but if I could speak like Eminem I’d say “fat girls need love too” but to be respectful to our plus size comrades, I’ll be politically correct and call them Queen size. Not all men love the skinny girls and if you’re a plus size lady and feeling a little low, well this is the post for you. Read on and get a boost to your self esteem.

Skinny girls are too high maintenance. They fuss over food and makeup and clothes and style and their nails and everything else. Not to say that larger ladies don’t do the same thing but these women tend to be a little more lax when it comes to being finicky over food – well that’s obvious but I need to mention it because men LOVE to eat. How much fun is it going out to binge with a lady who only eats salad?

The plus size gal can compete with him when it comes to drinking beer, feasting pizza and just kicking back. men love to be able to let lose and have a good time with the girl, it forms an emotional connection and he will be more attached. When they say the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach that so true because when a girl can keep up with the guy, a little magic happens and he will be intrigued by her and want to be around her more.

Once you’ve been able to keep up with him and be one of the guys, your personality will show through. It’s a proven fact that personality reins over anything else. the ugliest girl can be pretty if she has a good personality. On the contrary, the prettiest girl and be ugly if she’s too much if an unreasonable bitch.

It’s very true that personality is so important, once you’ve made it through the intitial impression which is always physical, you can fine tune the attraction with a sparkling, magical personality.
Be fun loving, don’t be overly prissy because guys who like larger girl like a more free girl, this is probably the psychological reason that they like fat women because they don’t like the drama that comes with skinny women. Shine here and you’re in the bag.

There is someone out there for everyone and if you don’t believe me then look at all the BBW, fat fetish website’s out there, there are plenty and if men did not like that then these website would not exists because the webmasters would not make any mommy. With that said, you know that there are guys who love the whole lotta booty and love of extra skin to hug and wrap themselves around so don’t be blue, just sparkle and shine tight your personality and you’ll be sure it find the perfect man who will live you just the way you are!

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Sex is so prominent for us humans. It should be too because if you think about it, it’s the foundation for life?! Without sex we would not be here! Smoking joints with hippies, if you’d ever fall into a sex talk it would be quite fun, but hippies are too dirty for sex, they just like to talk about space.

Sit down and smoke a J with some psychologists or sex therapists and you’ll enter a whole new realm of conversation. Most of it will be taken from this type of article: Shocking sex stats about men

It starts with the sex researchers them selves. How do you even apply for a job like that? Those are some lucky, lucky people! They must have some voyeur instinct because their job is to analyze sex and I’m sure they get to watch lots of it too. gathering sex statistics would be such a fun job. Albeit a gross one too. You cave to gather notes about ejaculation, pussy farts and other gross sex things but you get to watch and learn about others sex lives.

It’s like a gynecologist, you can’t tell me that any guy would actually “care” about women so much that they want to spend all day looking into their vaginas, please! You’re a sex fiend and a horny monster, in my opinion. The sex researcher is the same except there is no faulty lawsuits against them and all the guinea pigs re willing participants – or so I think. If they are not willing participants, maybe there is some legal issues that lurk around that one.

Maybe they need to take into account how many men in America have erectile dysfunction. That would really affect the stats. Another good piece of information would be to track the sales of penis pumps. This style is one of the most effective manual erection pump with a pressure gauge and a hand pump instead of a bulb which is going to be much more effective then a regular squeeze bulb style pump. It’s also much cheaper then an electric pump so more men would own this model.

Anyway, I’m sure that to be part of a sex psychology study they went through years of mundane training, like university math courses and mathematics and numbers gathering courses. Boring. If were in university and I met a guy who was studying to be a sex researcher, I’d want to be his friend because he would be a really interesting persona. He would be interested in what makes us tick – and sex. That says to me that he’s intelligent and likes sex. That seems like the perfect lover. I bet he would be the perfect lover took because he studies people’s sexual habits so he can hone into what makes the best orgasms, multiple orgasms, foreplay techniques that work and so much more. He could take all this info into bed and practice on me and I’m so sure that it will be the best sex ever! Now I want to sleep with a sex researcher!

We would be a sex educator too, submitting his findings to magazines and sex therapist, making other people have fulfilling sex lives. sex books are hugely popular too so he could write foreplay guides and manuals. I would like anything other have sex and trying to determine if the orgasm is fake. That’s one big gray area of sexuality that has not been discovered yet, it’s like the black hole of sex research.

All women fake orgasms at some time or another but how to tell would be virtually impossible. You could put pressure sensors in her vagina and detect the muscle contractions, but Kegel exercises have the same clenching motions as an orgasm. so then again the fake orgasm has eluded the sex researcher!

Maybe one day I’ll meet a nice sex researcher and hear what he has to say. If he sounds like he;’s gathered enough info to make me have the best orgasm eve, I’d trust him and jump into the sack in a heartbeat!

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jake and viennaDid I get your attention?

I bet I did! Here is my comments on the bachelor couple and why they are so hot and perfect. First of all controversial sex is great. To be with a lover that no one thinks is good is something wee all do at one point of time or another,. Do you remember when you snuck out of your house when you were younger? You went for the bad boy and kissed him behind the gym at school? Vienna is jake’s bad girl.

I think they are such a good couple and we can learn allot from them. the main lesson they teach is that it;’s so important to have fun and be playful. Tenley says that she’s playful, maybe she is when she plays with a puppy but that’s the extent of it. Vienna is playful in a sex way, in a rough and tumble way. It’s fun to rumble with your lover in bed, get dirty, bring in some edible body paint.

I bet they get wild and a little nasty when they get together and I’m so sure that they’ll love to use the glow in the dark body paint kit. It’s the naughtiest adult novelty I’ve ever seen and I bet that they would use it if I sent it to them!

Their playful and nastiness was confirmed the episode when they were rolling in the mud. I imaged them doing very x rated things when the camera’s weren’t rolling. The producers have to keep it very G rated though because it’s a show on prime time and you can’t get too risque at that time of the day. Maybe Jake and Vienna should have their own reality show last night on showcase and then you can see what they are really like. They are sure to be sex teachers for everyone else. I admire them and hope they enjoy the fame and the sex while it lasts!

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I read some blogs from some fellow sex bloggers and I’m such an inexperienced small fish. I have some readers but not nearly the huge amount that some of the more popular bloggers get. I tried to so some research on how’s to grow but I’m so incompetent with instructions, I don’t even know how to work Twitter! It’s a big mash of symbols and confusion.

Is it slight mental retardation? It very well could be. the I think to myself that I’m very smart becuase I’m so literate, I can write your socks off but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to sign up for elust, pleasurists or Twitter! If you feel like giving me some advice you can email me and I will be eternally grateful and I will link to your blog too. Thanks to all the big fish from this small fish!

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dirty-mindKit Kurious is a vivacious girl with a sexually charged appetite and a desire to share the love. As an author, a fashionista, a sex educator and a philosopher (check out her Fast, Frantic and Intense Guide To Sex), Kit has arrived on the online erotic scene with a bang through her site,  

Her blog is a titillating tsunami of erotic entertainment, information, tips and tricks and instructionals, running the full gamut of sexual subjects and turn ons. Need an example? When I visited her most recent blog entries were discussing the joys of fetishes, how to experience stronger orgasms, the ins and outs of masturbation, tips on becoming a better lover and how to build a better body through the use of specific sexual positions. How’s that for a range of subjects? And that’s barely the tip of Kit’s iceberg, this girl’s dirty mind is turbo charged and ensures that there is always something new and stimulating to enjoy at her site. 

Kit’s passionate pen (or kinky keyboard) extends beyond erotic blogging however; she has three volumes of Explicit Erotica available as eBooks and paperbacks for sale available on Amazon and other retail outlets. That’s a lot of sexy reading from someone who knows how to turn up the heat. Check out her site, for exclusive merchandise, horny eBooks and paperbacks, and advice on how to heat up your sex life.

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oral-sex-gel3There are sexual novelty products that you use to enhance sexual response. Most people enjoy the feel. The old school version was toothpaste. In the 70′s, couples would use toothpaste for oral sex and then shortly after, the giver would get a bad stomach ache from swallowing too much!

There are no real adverse side effects of toothpaste but it’s worth purchasing an oral sex enhancer. take it from me first hand. Toothpaste is very strong and does not clean up easily, especially when it starts to harden and dry.

You will have toothpaste remnants on yourself for a few days after. Not to mention that you vagina is very sensitive and if you get too much in there, the power effects of the toothpaste can cause a PH imbalance and give you an infection, dryness and perhaps there are other side effects I don’t know about.

I would image there are because we learned in school when we were young not to put things in body cavities where they don’t belong! It would only make common sense that we continue to follow this rule!

If you get one of the oral sex gels, they are better then ones that are runny. They create a tingle like toothpaste without the harsh additives. The magic ingredients is L-Arginine, which is the same ingredient in “stimulating” lubricants. It’s a natural additive that is menthol based and adds a tingling feel wherever it put, especially on mucus membranes.

Here is some more info about L-Arginine. It ‘s an amino acid that increases blood flow and has some other neat side effect like increasing your immune system – but don’t go drinking the stuff because it;s not the synthetic kind, it’s the Arginine that’s naturally formed in the body.

When you apply L-Arginine, it stimulates the area by increasing blood flow which is why it increases sensation because when more blood id in the clitoris, it responds quicker and easier to stimulation. Add a little menthol in there and you’re ready for love!

There are pastes and liquids, obviously you should choose the pastes because they won’t make a mess all over and will stay concentrated on the areas where they belong.

Not every women likes the feel, some find it irritating or the cooling effect is uncomfortable but for the women who like it, they like it allot. I would recommend to try toothpaste first and if you like it, then spend the dough and get some oral sex gels.

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Located in the UK? Looking for really cheap adult sex chat? Brittany’s and her girlfriends can make your phone sex dreams come true. Get connected with real amateur girls waiting to take your call from their bedroom.

Phone sex is one of those mysterious and very taboo adult activities. in my opinion, it should be more popular because it’s very anonymous. Just because a person hears our voice does not mean that they will know who you are. So what if it turns into an incredible train wreck, no one will know who you are!

I think that guided masturbation is a really fun idea because the phone sex operators can help you give yourself an orgasm. The greatest part is that you can place a face to the voice, any face you want. It really tests the limits if your imagination.

I’m not trying to be an advocate for phone sex but I really recommend it for something different, It’s a unique form of solos sex play that can be whatever you want. If you have the slightest interest in bondage but would never actually do it in real life, bondage phone sex cam release the secret fantasy. Who knows, maybe bondage will appeal to you and you’ll have an idea of what you are supposed to do.

Just for fun, try phone sex at least once.

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I’m so glad you could stop by today.

I have started this new website to train you how to be better at sex and how to get the most out of your orgasms. I love sex and consider myself like a mini Sue Johansen and my advice is very good so I hope you learrn lots. Come back often!

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