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triple-probeI’ve been lacking on my sex toy review posts lately. Mainly because I’ve slowed on my sex toy purchases but I found this hot new thang at a local shop and I juts had to have it! It looks kinda like one of those older sex toys but the material is not sticky jelly at all, it’s smooth jelly like although the packaging says TPR, it more stiff then silicone. Whatever it is, it’s a good build.

The 3 ends are noticeable different from each other and I tried all of them in different orifices and I must say that it’s very erotic. The thicker end is smooth with a little mushroom tip It’s shorter so when you insert it all the way, the curve caresses your clit. or you can flip it the other way and enjoy some double penetration. The smaller end is sturdy enough to be able to be inserted, it won’t flop away from you easily. You can grasp the middle, where the 3 pieces meet, it is easy to hold on to.

It could be a little wider but I won’t complain much because it gives more of a seductive feel, like teasing since it doesn’t fill me up all the way so when I crave a bigger filling feel, I can move up to another toy. And that’s just what we did. My man and I really enjoyed this one for foreplay.

The anal beaded end is really fun, I like to obvious texture of the bumpy surface. If you’re extra kinky like me, you’ll appreciate the feel. It was like 30 dollars which is a little steep for a sex toy that dies not even vibrate but it’s great for some variety.

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I get asked this question all the time, is it okay to use lotion instead of lubricant? In the day of up sells, consumers are so weary of anything that must be added to a purchase. I don’t blame them, I am the same way!

I am here to to dispel the truths and myths about the never ending question of lube vs. lotion for masturbation, sex and for using sex toys. If you look through my site, you’ll see that I don’t sell lube so you can trust my opinion!

Lotion is designed to moisturize. It absorbs into the skin to fill the pores with moisture and to make skin softer. It is not designed to be used to prevent friction. Even the thicker cosmogetic hand gels like cuticle cream absorb into the skin very quickly. It;s the same for your privates. When you put on lotion, it will absorb into the skin very quickly. If you use saliva or water, it will dilute the lotion to make it last on the skin a little longer, but once the water evaporates or washes away, the lotion will resume what it’s meant to do, absorb into your skin.

Asa result, using lotion for sex toys is very short lived. If you use it on a vibrator, you might have better luck if you use it on a jelly, plastic or silicone vibrator over a latex vibrator. The jelly, plastic and silicone material is not very porous so it will reduce the speed of absorption. If you use lotion with a latex toy, or for masturbation and you only use your finger, you probably won’t experience orgasm before it’s all soaked into the skin.

Lubricant is designed to be used to prevent friction. Its specific for sexual pleasure, It will not absorb into the skin and will give you a nice layer of slippery sensation so you have plenty of time to fully enjoy the feel before it washes away or you are finished.

water bases lube might absorb into the skin, but it takes a while. Just like with lotion, if you add a little bit of water or saliva, it re-activates it and makes it double as slippery. It will last much longer and you will get much more value for the dollar.

If it’d a case of money that prevents you from buying lubricant, consider this. Lotion will absorbs into the skin and you will have to keep re-applying to to get the slippery feel you need for sexual enjoyment. If you spend 10 dollars on lube, it will last much longer and save you on your lotion bill.

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se211403Okay, this is what to do with the Flexi-Power Bullet Vibrator Wand, I think it’s funny how adult toy manufacturers name their products, but i guess if I were to name it the “Black Bulbous Vibrating Stick”. I’ve seen worse through like products named the “Super Flexi-Mega Penis” OK, maybe I’m getting a little far-fetched… I don’t really consider it a “wand” but I suppose it fits the product well… Anyway, on with this re-view…

It’s supposed to look all space-age like with it’s shiny plastic and black coating. I guess it does it right. It takes 3 batteries which is great considering most vibrators take only 2 batteries. Wowwee! The vibrations make your hand go numb! It has several functions, they are kind of silly to me because as I press the button, it randomly has different patterns which seems kind of weird. Who would get-off from a “buzz – buzzzzz- buzz – buzzzz ” pattern? maybe someone likes it. I know who would like it – people who use this as an anal toy would love it because it will tingle in your bum differently. Ok, so maybe the multiple vibration thing isin’t so bad!

It is very flexible so if you use it as an anal sex toy it will work very well it’s like a flexible probe and it would probably be some anal sex lover’s absolute favorite toy.

How did I use it? I simply held the shaft half-way down as I held the vibrating bullet against my clitoris. This worked very well for me because the vibrations were so strong that if I were to hold onto the actual vibrating bullet, it would be too intense and my hand muscles would cram up. Even though this sex toy has a dramatic name and no real directions for use, I would recommend that it be used the way I suggested or try putting it in your bum, I’m sure you’ll love it!
(P.S. I got it at in the vibrating bullet wand page here incase you want to get your own sex toy!) There are also many others that you will find there and their selection is very good, it’s the only adult shop that I shop at!

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Size Appeal Spring has sprung, buy a dress!! Treat yourself to a pretty printed sundress. This store offers dresses for the better then avergae sized woman. Check it out! Sometimes the plus sized gal might feel intimidated and insecure, there is no need to, just look for designs and patterns that flatter and you are sure to make a favorable impression. Try shopping from the privacy of your own home   too. Take a plunge and buy clothes online!

If you live in a small town, hunderds of miles from anywhere, the internet brings you closer to the metropolitain areas becuase you can shop like New Yorkers! Check out the sexiest and most famous lingerie in the world, Playboy Lingerie. Be star star of your town and the object of every mans desire!

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love-sunThe snow is falling instead of melting. It’s getting colder instead of warmer. Are you still suffering from the winter woes? Well pack up your things and don’t forget your swimsuit, because we’re going to a tropical paradise! At least this is my solution to the weary winter. The cold weather brings everyone down, and if you are not the snowboarding/winter sports type, then why not splurge and send yourself on a sweet winter holiday.

Go some where tropical. This is the best advise I can give, and if you are single, even better. If you spend your money right, you can end up in a high rated hotel resort for relatively cheap. There you will surely meet sexy cabana boys left right and center! You will also meet other rowdy tourist looking for a hot time! What could be better? Well, a word of caution of course, if you are going to take my warm advise and escape the cold, be careful of who you meet and what you do while enjoying your erotic holiday.

While on holiday soaking up the hot sun, go ahead and be a little flirty! Put on your cutest bikini and go scope out the place. Try and find a cutie boy to rub sun screen on your back, and frolic sexily in the ocean or pool! Have a sweet tropical drink, and party hard in the evenings.

Don’t forget to pack your sex toys! Bring your favorite clitoral stimulator or vibrator and enjoy you evenings even more. Spoil yourself and order room service! Meet some girls and have a hotel party! Whatever you do, enjoy the sun and surf, and stay safe!

I hope this article has convinced you to take a trip to a tropical location, because the stress of winter blues are not good for anyone. You will feel less sexy, less erotic, and less passionate. Go regain your goddess appeal, and when you get home, everyone will notice your new glow!

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I have been watching this television show called What Not To Wear on TLC. If you have never watched this show, it’s great for the fashion idiots and the fashion curious. They feature real people who dress way too basic to be noticed and hide themselves behind unflattering clothing.

The show teaches people to dress sexy and to let their feminine side show and flow. If you are a regular gal that gets no attention and you want to dress better but have no where to start, sign up for this show because it is quite the transformation.

In the end, all the women are ultra sexy but not smutty. They don’t dress you like a porn star, they make you look causal and nice.

Every now and then, they feature women who are too fat to wear that and tone them down a little. Women who have big boobs and flaunt them and that’s all they have going. It’s like these women scream, have sex with my boobies, I am a aruzzo sex toy for your play! They tone down the dress and make them actual people.

On the contrary, they also take too both ladies and make them look like women, not like tomboys.

There are a few good thing and a few bad things about the show, it is VERY superficial in the thinking that the way you look is everything. I have seen an episode where a regular woman turns into a sexy women and all of a sudden, she is getting better reviews at work, so it;s like saying that before when we was normal, she did not perform as well as if she were to dress ultra sexy.

The good and the bad, the show is very informative and I rather enjoy it so it’s worth a watch. You can feel sexier which is nice then you can flaunt your body in sexy lingerie when you are in the mood. In a way, when you dress better on the outside you feel better on the inside and you can forget your inhibitions and be sexy like you should be.

A good and bad show that is worth a watch, you might learn something and be repulsed at the same time!

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As I was surfin’ the net, I compiled this really interesting set of related websites. I believe that reading all this sexuality stuff gives a fresh new perspective on things. In no particular order, I recommend stopping by these other sexuality blogs, with aromatic tips and others are for dating adults and even a blog about adult sex news and information. i also saw this blog about how to be sexy and another post about using sex toys. I guess I’m not the only one out there!

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sex-tipsLooking for some tips of the trade to help spice up your sex? Well if things aren’t as hot as you’d hoped for, try some of these useful tips and hints to help energize those erotic encounters. These tips are easy to use and practical, so you can enjoy your partner more and please them the way you’d like to.

For an erotic evening alone, why not bring out the old video camera? If you’ve got one, then you can use it to make your own home made porno flick! You can even make it as cheesy as some of the most classic pornos! Get her to dress up as a stay-at-home woman who’s water doesn’t seem to working. Noticing her “pipes need cleaning”, and not knowing what else to do, she calls the trusty plumber. This horny hero comes to her aid, sporting a socket wrench, some dirty coveralls, a condom and a hard on! This personal porno will not only be fun to make, but hot to watch later on. Keep it private and watch it together next time you need a little perk!

Sex toys play a big role in hotter sex. Try getting a slim vibrator or a strap on clitoral stimulator, and please her before she pleases you. For him, why not step foot into the ever growing world of anal sex play. Once you ease into it, you will learn love it! Start with small anal toys, and gradually move up to larger toys. She can also benefit from anal sex toys. These sex toys will allow her to tighten her vagina by filling up her anus and pressing on her vaginal wall, making her seem thinner. In return, you will feel her pussy as tighter, and she will feel you massage her inside more. A true win win situation!

When engaging in a sexual encounter with your partner, don’t over look the importance of foreplay. This is where she prepares for what is to come by getting wetter, and he gets to grow his raging hard on. Make sure to touch all the right spots. Nibble each others ears and nipples, lick and suck on each others stomachs and thighs, and finally, dive right in to oral sex. Giving her a good licking will drive her crazy with passion, and get her senses tingling. When you finally push into her, she will be so head over heels, you will hear her moan louder than ever!

Oral sex is important for him too, this will get him raging and give him more motivation to thrust harder and deeper, making your sex wilder and way hotter. The more passionate the better!

Try different positions. Get her to lay on her back and him on his side. She puts her legs over his side and he can thrust her like that. She can stimulate her clitoris with her fingers or with a clitoral stimulator for the ultimate in erotic orgasm!

Try different rooms in the house. Bend her over the kitchen table, or get sexy in the shower together. There are many places in the house that can be explored. Try doin’ it from behind up against the wall in the closet, or try it doggy style on the stairs.

There are books you can get that are filled with tips and hints for a more enhanced foreplay experience, hotter intercourse, and even ideas for kinkier sex positions. Check these books out, as they can help lead you to the ultimate world of orgasmic bliss! You and your partner can only benefit!

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menWhy are so many sex toy shops targeted to women? Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing pretty pink banners and flowers on the websites you visit? Even though it seems that women buy more items then men, men still have sexual needs too. You can only use your hand for so long, right? :)

Here is the solution to your annoying problem: This Male Sex Toy Store  features a wide range of sex toys for men including but not limited to masturbators, vaginas, dolls, pumps and lube. There is even an anal toy section – and no, anal toys are not just for gay men. Heterosexual men in relationships with women can greatly benefit from anal sex toys.

Get what you need, they have a great selection of many toys but not too many where you are overwhelmed with a massive selection. There is no need to filter through crap because it’s all good here!

Try a simple masturbation sleeve, sure your hand might feel good but if you layer a thick and squishy jelly in between your hand and your little man, it will feel better. Tight, loose, slippery, suction or squeezing, they have it all. If women are reading this, then a hint for a adult gift idea for men is to get them a handy male sex toy. The masturbator will come in “handy” on those nights when you are not in the mood, just send him off into the shower with his pocket pussy and a bottle of lube and you can rest soundly!

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vibe-anal-beadsThese anal beads are superb for style and comfort! Flexible and unique, this string of anal beads is stiff but bends when you bend. I love these anal beads, as they feel so good with the even distribution of the vibrations. I use an anal lube called Moist Anal Lube, and I really enjoy it. I apply a small amount onto the beads, and a small amount onto my anus. The insert and enjoy! When you bend over or crawl around, the anal beads bend and flex to keep up. You can feel the massaging sensation deep inside, because these beads on a wand measure 5 inches long insertable.

The anal beads are made out of plastic and and massage perfectly inside. You can use these anal bead vaginally as well if you please. I like to get my partner to thrust me with these anal beads! A hands free sexy stimulation is always welcome in my bed!!

The vibrating beads take 2 AAA batteries, which don’t come in the package. The beads are thin and very sexy, and don’t vibrate too loud. Nice and quiet, and oh so arousing! Having a vibrating sensation deep in your anus really does feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before! And for men, these beads will vibrate your prostate, giving you an orgasm you cannot imagine! If you are a beginner or have never used anal sex toys before, then this is a good starting point because they are thin and can be used gently. If you use lube and go slow, you will be blown away by the unimaginable pleasure! Try it out for yourself and enjoy these vibrating anal beads.

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