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Here’s some blow job tips for women. men love oral sex, it’s to no surprise. The feel of wet sucking is compared to the pleasure of sexual intercourse. The feel is quite similar. In fact, after taking a poll of my many male friends, I have reached the result that many men prefer the feel of oral sex. Why is that better then sex? The following are some tips on how to get your man to think that oral sex is better then sex.

I have to backtrack here a second because is you’re the type of gal that hates giving blow jobs, then you’ll want to follow tips on how to give a worse blow job so that your man will hate them and want to have sex only. Well that’s not very fair is it? A relationship is about compromise, even a bed buddy only relationship is about compromise so if it’s a lopsided affair, then he’ll stray, or at least find another bed buddy. Even if you hate giving oral sex, you’ll have to suck it up and do it eventually sometimes (no pun intended!)

He needs his pleasure, it’s not fair for you to get pleasure but for him to receive nothing. That’s why men cheat. When you hear men say “I do things with my mistress that my wife would never do” Do you know who’s fault that is? It’s the women’s fault. It’s up to them to give their man pleasure and he’ll never have to stray. Think about it this way, if he gives you lots of pleasure, you won’t stray, right? Well again I say that a relationship is a two way street. Now with that said, here is my blow job tips, and after reading the above statement you’ll want o heed this advice:

1.) Go deep
Deep throating is the best thrill of blow jobs. This is a very important tip. This is the reason that men love blow jobs. At the back of the throat, it gets really tight, really fast and it’s very warm, very wet and very soft. All the ingredients men need in the perfect pleasure for their penis. It has it add. Shove his member back there and keep it there as long as you can. The gag reflex will no doubt come into effect, but then all you need to do is heed the second tip and purchase some:

pd956363 2.) Throat Numbing Spray
This is a safe to use numbing spray is exactly what you need to make it more comfortable when you deep throat him. It’s completely safe to use. The main ingredient is benzocaine which is the same thing that’s in Ora-gel and the same thing that dentists use to swab your gum line before putting the needle in for freezing. That’s all the convincing you need. It’s super safe and super effective. You spray it on the very back of your throat and then let it sit for a minute or so before giving oral sex. There are a few things you need to do to make it effective. Don’t let your spit build you back there or it will wash away. Also don’t swallow and don’t give oral sex right away or you will numb his penis and there goes all the pleasure!

3.) Wrap your teeth with your lips.
This is not the most attractive scene but when you wrap your teeth with your lips, it prevents any discomfort and you teeth are the biggest factor is discomfort in giving blow jobs. This gives a stronger feel sort if stroking but without any pain. You’ll look like a denture-less granny so if I may advise that you do this only when you are looking down because it’s not a pretty sight. This brings me to my next point:

4.) Look up at him
It’s what porn stars do so it’s a given that you want to so this too. It gives him a feeling of superiority when you look up at him with lust as you suck on his penis. It makes him feel tall stroking and like a man and well, what man doesn’t love that? Give him sexy come-hither eyes and gaze at him, lick, spit, twist and twirl his cock in your with when you are in this gaze. Don’t go overboard and look creepy but pretend like you’re sucking a really good lollipop or watch some blow job porn and do what they do.

These 4 points are kept to giving the perfect blow job. Maybe there are other pointers I have overlooked but in my opinion and after my blow job poll, these are the things that matter the most. Watch the teeth, deep throat and look at him. Point number 3 is for you to make it better for everyone.

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I read some blogs from some fellow sex bloggers and I’m such an inexperienced small fish. I have some readers but not nearly the huge amount that some of the more popular bloggers get. I tried to so some research on how’s to grow but I’m so incompetent with instructions, I don’t even know how to work Twitter! It’s a big mash of symbols and confusion.

Is it slight mental retardation? It very well could be. the I think to myself that I’m very smart becuase I’m so literate, I can write your socks off but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to sign up for elust, pleasurists or Twitter! If you feel like giving me some advice you can email me and I will be eternally grateful and I will link to your blog too. Thanks to all the big fish from this small fish!

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dirty-mindKit Kurious is a vivacious girl with a sexually charged appetite and a desire to share the love. As an author, a fashionista, a sex educator and a philosopher (check out her Fast, Frantic and Intense Guide To Sex), Kit has arrived on the online erotic scene with a bang through her site,  

Her blog is a titillating tsunami of erotic entertainment, information, tips and tricks and instructionals, running the full gamut of sexual subjects and turn ons. Need an example? When I visited her most recent blog entries were discussing the joys of fetishes, how to experience stronger orgasms, the ins and outs of masturbation, tips on becoming a better lover and how to build a better body through the use of specific sexual positions. How’s that for a range of subjects? And that’s barely the tip of Kit’s iceberg, this girl’s dirty mind is turbo charged and ensures that there is always something new and stimulating to enjoy at her site. 

Kit’s passionate pen (or kinky keyboard) extends beyond erotic blogging however; she has three volumes of Explicit Erotica available as eBooks and paperbacks for sale available on Amazon and other retail outlets. That’s a lot of sexy reading from someone who knows how to turn up the heat. Check out her site, for exclusive merchandise, horny eBooks and paperbacks, and advice on how to heat up your sex life.

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sexbeachMy New Years resolution is to have more sex.
How can you have more sex? There are a few ways, as a lady it’s quite simple but you can’t just take in the first dog that lands on your doorstep. Try to at least set the bar a little higher. I want a George Clooney or Johnny Depp look alike. how an earth are you supposed to get that?

It seems that all beautiful men are either gay or already taken and happy. Or they are superstars and wouldn’t give a thought at a simple regular person like me. I guess then having New Years resolution of more sex is quite difficult. What am I supposed to do?

I won’t lower my standards or settle for anything less then the greatest and hottest men. I will try to find the best babes, maybe I’ll supply for the bachelor or the next season of Survivor. There always seems to be really hot guys on there.

My strategy will be to get the guy, screw the game, I want to get laid! I’m sure they’d allow me on the show since I have a very unique game strategy and all the USA would love to see a girl trying to get it on with the guys,e especially in a hot sandy location like Samoa.

A regular girl like me would be a hot babe on a hot sandy beach, almost nude in a hot little bikini, all the Americas would love to watch me get it on with a girl. It’s about sex and strategy now. Maybe my New Year’s resolutions should be to apply for survivor. Indirectly I can get more sex with a hot guy. I’ll keep you posted on that!

I could also go to Vegas and hang with the beautiful people. That would probably work too but I don’t want to catch a VD. that;s tricky waters to tread. The regular bar scene is full of grimy guys but I’ll admit that some of them are quite attractive, it just seems that a drunken sex night is passe. I’m getting up there in the years and the quality of guy from the bar doesn’t seem to be movie quality.

It’s like they don’t care about pleasing you, they just want to get their sick wet. It’s not the same kind of sex that a girl really likes. maybe a vacation fling will do it, like a hot club guy that works at the all inclusive resort, that’s always a good bet. Perhaps I’ll jet off on a vacation and then return to apply for survivor!

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